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Born in LaCrosse, WI near the Mississippi river I grew up between a smaller WI town and a little town in Tennessee; then back to WI. Did all the normal kid things; had lots of friends, enjoyed the pool all day in the summer, and loved exploring in the woods.

There were also things in my life that were not normal. Being the oldest child of an alcoholic life was lonely in general, but with my experiences it was particularly difficult.

I saw things other people didn't see, knew things and had no idea how; and people showed up to me and showed me things I didn't understand.
With no one to ask it was all confusing; it seemed people all walked around in pairs; did well in school without studying especially on tests; at night it was like having people running through my head when trying to fall asleep.

It got to be normal for me, and ignored quite a bit of it from my teens until my mid twenties. After having my children it kicked back in with a vengance, and was stronger than ever before.

I still tried to have a normal life; raising 3 kids, working in computer support, learning to fly hot air balloons, working with my art... All the things life is about and more. But the abilities got stronger and more confusing.

There came a time when working at a hospital it seemed I was losing my mind. When shopping I'd bring home groceries that weren't on my list; emotions were running wild, and the visions were being all mixed up with the people hanging around in my head, so counseling began.

Fortunately spirit connected me with someone who recognized what was going on; she explained that I was experiencing several types of abilities at once, like having the radio, tv, blender, etc all on at once. She sent me to see some people at a spiritual camp in WI to talk to, and they helped me figure out what I had, how to separate them all out, and how to block what I don't want to experience at the time.

My abilities were so strong they taught me how to work with clients and hired me at the camp, working with people, and have been ever since.

Now I also mentor other people who have abilities they can't understand; my children have different abilities that I was able to help them through in a way I never had. It helps others so much and the path is what I feel what I was truly meant to be on.

My goal is to still try to lead a normal life; my art, pay bills, enjoy cooking, housework has to get done... But the abilities get stronger every day, and it's an exciting journey to be on.


I'm a 'minister' through the Universal Life Church, able to perform all the services a minister can perform. I feel this is an important part of what I can offer clients in the whole package of what can be done for them.


My list of abilities is varied, so I'm outlining them here for clarity:

1. Clairvoyant - This is a fancy french word for 'clear seeing'. It means I can see things that you are thinking about, snippets from your past and from what is coming up in your future. They present to me like memories.

2. Intuitive - An intuitive has the gift of 'knowing' and everyone has experienced it at one time or another in their life. The phone about to ring, stopping in the car in time to avoid an accident... These are intuitive moments you experience. Mine is just dialed up to 10.

3. Mediumship - Mediumship is the ability to connect and communicate with people who have passed away. This is a weird one to explain, but if you have ever seen the movie "Ghost" there is a scene where Whoopi Goldberg is doing readings for people and all the people who have passed away are lined up along the wall on her left waiting to jump in. That is so accurate, and it is just as maddening as she found it. I block it as much as possible or I wouldn't get much peace!

4. Medical Intuitive - An unusual ability, when I connect to a person's energy whether in person or on the phone I will start feeling some strange physical feelings. It took a long time to realize that it was other people's physical pain or feelings I was getting. After practicing with it I have worked with it now for many years and has been about 99% accurate with everyone. I see old injuries and illnesses in shadows, current pain or problems and I feel that, and problems coming up show up in a red light.

5. Psychometry - Being able to touch an item and receive images and energy from where the item has been in the past. It's a very interesting ability, and helpful for people who have items from loved ones that they never got to know very well. It also is a great deal of fun at garage sales.

6. Spirit Guides - When I was small I always thought people walked around in pairs. As I got older the second person over the left shoulder faded but I could still communicated with them. They are always interesting to talk to since they are very open and always tell the truth about their person, and since they have human personalities they can be quite funny or frustrated. I really enjoy when I am able to get people able to communicate on their own with their guides, then they don't have to visit me! The guides are quite helpful in giving advice since they are only concerned with you.

7. Animal Communication - Being able to communicate with animals is a strange part of what I do; it comes naturally again, so I don't give much thought to it, but people I have visited have been astounded when I have told them what their animals are telling me. They are drawn to my energy and hold eye contact with me while they are communicating, and the owners are just fascinated. When I start a reading in my home and get my connection energy started, no matter what my cat instantly comes out and wants to jump up and climb all over me; she is just so attrancted to the heightened energy that happens, it's so funny.

8. Stone Talking - As a young girl I would pick up stones that would talk to me and they would tell me where they want to go. I would take them around the neighborhood in my red wagon and go door to door letting people know that this certain stone wanted to be with them. Sounds creepy now, but from a 5 year old it's cute. Stones have always drawm me out. Every stone has a unique personality, just like people. When someone buys a stone I like them to touch them all so they can find out which stone 'picks' them.

When I was in Austria I was in a castle with a friend of mine. I thought she called my name, and she said no. I went where I heard my name, and there was a rock in the corner of this entryway into the castle village. The stone had come from the road, it was worn on one side where it had been driven on and ridden on over 800 years. It was also notched to make it fit. I brought it home, and my friend thought we would be arrested for stealing when we hid customs, lol. When my youngest was about 7 her father was doing landscaping and putting stone in his yard. She came home with a chinese take out box, and handed it to me. It was super heavy, and she skipped away. Inside was a holed stone with my name on it in pencil. I called her back and she said that the stone stopped her and told her that it wanted to be with me and she should take it to me. The stone is perfectly round, flattish, and the center is a hole created by small crystals. There is also two places where my thumbs just fit as I hold the stone up to my eye. It's magical.
When my youngest daughter was 3 we were at a festival and getting ready to go home. I was watching her at a booth, and when I went to get her she refused to leave her "new friend". She had a tantrum. Her new friend was a huge piece of polished malachite. I bought a small piece that she picked out, and she has never been without a piece on her ever since, and her stone collection rivals my own. She has a gift of combining stones to amplify energy.

9. Intuitive Art - As a professional artist and jeweler many of my pieces are guided by images I get in meditations or messages I get from people in the evening who pop in to say hello. Then the stones themselves are speaking to me and leading me to add what they want to be with.

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