House Clearing

When things go bump in the night, lots of things go through people's head. There are many other things that happen other than bumps; that's when I get a call.

I visit the home and am able to communicate with spirits in most cases, finding out why they are there. Sometimes I can get them to leave, other times I get them to be more cooperative with the family.

There is a misconception with 'ghosts' and spirits. There really is no such thing as an 'evil spirit', demon, etc. When someone crosses over first of all any bad traits are human and don't cross over with them. The spirits that are hanging around fall into 2 categories:

Spirits that aren't aware that they are gone. They are confused, and generally they are the one that cause any problems in the house. Noises, electrical interference, smells, cold spots... They have many ways of being there. They are just confused.

The other type are spirits that have chosen to stay around to be with loved one or a place that they love. They generally don't cause nearly as much interference, but can be detected.

What I do is visit the house preferalbly after sundown. I will do what I can to find out who is there, why they are staying and what they want. If you want them to leave I can try to get them to go, but can't guarantee it... But they always have quieted down in my experience.

Hire me for a House Cleaning!
$45 (plus travel time if more than 20 miles away.)

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