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Cost and Payments

No psychic reading should cost more than $100 per hour, averaging $35-$75. NEVER pay cash ahead of time for a reading. IF you have a bad experience it's your right not to pay, and if you pay ahead you will be left with little option, often feeling intimidated and emotional. If you start to get the 'cursed', 'black aura', candles routine schpeel, you can get out of there without even paying for the $10 'free' reading they use to suck you in.

When someone wants you to send them a 'cash transaction' or a 'cash transfer', DON'T DO IT. The reason they want you to do it that way is so you have no recourse to reverse your charge or dispute it after you realize you've been duped.

I DO ask for payment before my readings however (someone recently pointed out, lol) but I use paypal, so if you were too shy to say you were disappointed you could get your money back easily by filing a dispute. If I did a reading and either didn't get information easily or did a mediumship and no one came through, I would refund the amount immediately; I only ask for the payment before we start because when we are done I am wiped out and forget, and it is easier for me to get the payment up front so when I am done I just take a nap. HOWEVER; if I do the reading and someone tries to get their money back, (which has happened several times to me and I have no protection via paypal) I want my safety to, since my time and energy is precious to me.