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Why These Donít Work

Remember; there is no such thing as some one else being able to affect you or fix you through work you don't do. If you want things in your life to change you have to be the one to create the change. Having someone burn a candle for me to make someone love me is as ridiculous as expecting to pay someone in california to do my dishes...

The same works in the negative; no one can affect you negatively through anything someone else does. something like that only works if you believe it, and it's just a mind game, where you start to believe everything bad that happens is due to that person. That is the basis of Voodoo.

YOU create the existence around you; if negativity is the way you are in the habit of thinking, negativity is what the universe will give you since it thinks that is what you want. It only gives you what you ask for. Putting out positive energy and thoughts will produce that. Obviously to create balance you can't have all good or all bad, but it really is a simple way to live.

Keep in mind you have to do the work to change your path, anyone that offers to do the work for you is very suspicious.

Recently I've had lots of emails and calls about visits people have had with scammers.
First, let me say that I understand that when you are looking for help when you are in pain it is normal to look anywhere you can. You are in a vulnerable place, and looking for answers. The problem is, there are MANY people who feed on this, and will do anything they can to make you believe they can help you.
The universe is a delicate balance. Good comes with bad; pain comes with happiness; it's all part of the journey. YOUR journey. When you seek out someone to help you along your journey and they are offering to do something FOR you for money, it is NO LONGER your journey; you are giving yourself (and your money) away.
NO ONE can do your work for you; a true spiritual healer will guide you to what you need to be doing in your life, the work you need to do to find your way, but will NEVER offer to do the work for you. There are no candles, rituals, meditations etc that anyone can do on your behalf that will be beneficial to you. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK TO GET THE REWARD.
ALSO... Never ever ever try to get information or try to alter someone else; this is absolutely against the rules of nature, and will backfire on you in ways you can't imagine. You may want it at the time, but really... would you want someone to do it to you? It's called eavesdropping, and manipulating, and it's just wrong. Seeking help is for YOUR benefit, not to alter or gain insight into someone else. If you feel that way it's best to lock yourself away for a few days, cry it out, do what you need to, but don't give your money away. If you feel you have to give it away, spend it on yourself and go shopping.