My family has always been one of my biggest skeptics. I'm a skeptic myself, since I have no idea how it works; I think being skeptical keeps you humble and grounded.
One day I went to visit my step-father's grave on his birthday with my mother and sister. I didn't know him very well. I stayed in the background while they talked about him, and I just let my mind wander while waiting.
As often happens, over my left shoulder there was a 'knock' at my head. I usually keep my block up so it was strange to have someone be agressive enough to try to push their way into me. I went ahead and allowed them in to 'talk', which for me amounts to trading images in a story fashion that translates into a specific list of events that gives me some sort of story to pass on to someone, and then I can go from there.
The problem was that it was my step-father that came through, and it was a message for my skeptic mother; I had no idea what to do with the information. My rule is to never give information to people unless tehy ask for it; but he was adamant about her hearing this story. I asked my sister what to do, and she said that she thought I should tell our mother what I got and let her decide. So that's what I did.
The whole story as usual made partial sense to me and some of it was strange and I couldn't figure it out, so I just had to pass the info along and hope it made sense to her.
She was not really sure she wanted to hear it, but my sister convinced her to hear me out and I told her what I heard from Ray. First he showed me a cabin in the woods. Then he showed me a bathroom in the cabin. It was dark, but I could see around in the bathroom. Sitting in the tub was a plastic container tub with two beautiful shimmering white water lilies floating in the tub. We looked at it for a minute, and he told me to tell her that where he was, "it was all as beautiful as that."
She got very emotional, and my sister and I were very curious what that meant. She said that she had always wondered about where he was and if he was in a good place. Then she told us the story of the flowers.
When they were at the cabin one vacation they had been out on the lake in a boat. All the water lilies were in bloom and it was magical. They couldn't believe how amazing the place looked with all the flowers opened. My mother wanted to take two of the flowers home with them so they cut out two of the lilies and lifted them into a tub of water. A passer by stopped and noticed what they were doing, and let them know tht there was a $500 fine for removing the lilies from the lake. They were scared to death now, but didn't want to dump the two flowers back. Ray decided to hide the bin in the tub in the bathroom where they could go look at it but no one would find it and they would be safe.
It was still the most magical thing they had ever seen; he wanted to let her know that where he was it was all that beautiful, and he was there waiting for her.
She finally believed that I could do what I do for other people! Skeptic no more... :) It was one of the only things in her life she had told NO ONE ever since she was so afraid of getting in trouble.

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