Psychic Readings with Owl Lady
There are a few questions here to get me connected to you, and then a space for your specific question. I will respond via email, so don't forget that entry!

Please Note-- I am not charging money here, so please don't email me repeatedly asking where your reading is. Sometimes life is hectic and I don't get to do them as often as I like. I also will not give you fluffy happy warm fuzzies in every case. I give you what I see, so make sure you really want an answer before you ask. Sometimes I don't see such nice things, and I will share it with you (in a loving and positive way) but I will not lie and tell you everything is sunshine and daffodills.
I also will not be replying to questions such as 'how can I rule the world', 'what is in my future' and 'how can I make magic work for me', and similar questions-for obvious reasons.

I am available for full readings, you can contact me at

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