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UPDATED 5/14/17

Thanks for visiting. Took a break for a while, back and life has calmed down.
Are you having urges to clean house? For some reason many people I know are having bouts of early spring cleaning.
Not sure what brought this about, maybe all the new things going on in the world. All I know is my home is becoming cleaner (except my closet which I have no hope for).
Good luck on all your clearing out!
If you have questions about anything on the site please feel free to email me.

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Featured in the book 'Famous Wisconsin Mystics' by Hannah Heidi Levy


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Legal-ese: for entertainment purposes only, must be 18 to participate. Medical information must be referred to a physician.
Ethics: There are questions I won't answer, regarding time of death, and some questions regarding looking into others' lives; at times it becomes eavesdropping.
When you receive psychic information, you must be aware that we all have free will. Take what you want and leave the rest; a reading is interpreted with the energies that exist at this moment. As circumstances change, so does the direction of your life. Choices can always change the path you're on; and you have to do the work to get to the next point in your path. There are no easy answers.

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