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Finding a Good Reader

Here are some basic things to look for when researching a psychic:

1. Please, if you get nothing else from this, take this with you: going to a reader is to help YOU. It is not to make someone else change. If you have lost your love to another, that is their choice and learning how to cope is a good reason to go to a reader; finding out what your path and focus should be is a good reason; trying to make them come back to you IS NOT.

What if the abusive person you left did the same thing to you? (not that you are abusive at all, it's just an example.) Trying to change another person goes against nature and the way the universe works; scam artists drool when they see someone in pain over a breakup and pounce on it like a barncat. Don't be a cat toy.

2. This should be a one time thing, and a flat fee you agree on ahead of time. No additional sessions should be necessary unless you feel you need another area of your life worked on later on; you need time to do the work you learned about in this session.

3. If you don't get what you needed don't pay; you should get everything you needed at that one visit PERIOD. That's IT. No accessories, no spells, charms, candles, homework (well, sometimes there is homework, but that's your business.).

Occassionally you may go back to your reader within 6 months for clarification or a 'tune up', but never on a weekly or monthly basis. A good reader will discourage multiple readings and help people get on the right track.