If you have never had a mediumship session before you may only be familiar with the concept from TV or movies, shows like Medium or Ghost Whisperer. That isn't how it works for 99.5% of us.
There are 2 types of mediums; those that can hear words, and those that can see images shown by those who have passed. Jon Edward is the type who sees images, and that is the type I am. If you have ever seen him work you will notice he often says 'they're showing me...' and he will describe an item or a scene; ocassionally a name.

This is the person on the other side showing images and pictures that will connect with you and send you messages. It is VERY DIFFICULT. The reason it is easier in front of a crowd is because many people who have passed are stronger than others, and will come through, so if I work in a large group of course I will get some people come through for some guests. One on one is more difficult. This is true for even Jon Edward!! The other downside is you can ask for someone in particular you would like to talk to but there is no telling who will come through. It could be someone you may have met as a child, a great aunt who knows you but you don't know. I wave them on and ask the next person to come, and we keep going person after person until the door closes, usually 45-60 minutes. At that point I get a very bad headache.

At first when I connect there will be a few pushy people who are not connected with you that come through just because they see an opening. They come and I can get them out of the way quickly. Next we get some people coming either alone or in pairs or more; I try to get them one at a time so I can get the information straight. If they are familiar with the process (most are) they are able to show me images fairly well; if they aren't it can be frustrating for us, but we try to get it worked out. If it's their first time making a connection they get excited and tend to throw lots of pictures at once and I have to get them to slow down!

I try to get standard information from them such as where they are in the family tree to you, what they may have done for a living, any connection you may recognize; I stay away from how they died because I am a medical intuitive which means when I connect with someone alive or passed away I feel their physical pain. I often feel their pain anyway of what they passed away from, so I purposely don't ask how they died so I don't have to feel it.

Since I am in an altered state of consciousness when I am doing this, it's best that you either take notes or I can do a recording on my PC and email it to you. Many times things that didn't make sense will make much more sense later on, or information that is given may be meant for other people and they can hear it that way as well.

Things like codes, key things you agreed on when you knew a person is sometimes asked for, and there has been many theories written about this. Many mediums have had problems with this concept. Since many of us are image based, words don't come to us, so that doesn't work, and on the other side that just doesn't seem important; also, many of us are telepathic as well and can pick up on a word or thought from the client who may be pushing it so hard, so it really is a mixed message. It's better to sit and receive the information without expectations.

When I ask a question and you don't know something, say you don't know. If your answer is a positive 'no', then answer that. It's not a right or wrong answer when questions come up, as readers we are trying to figure out how the images and issues we are getting bombarded with fit together to you. We are trying to get it all out to you even though it is racing at us at a phenomenal pace, sometimes too fast to see and we have to ask them to slow down.

On occasion I have had pets come through with people; I have had people come through and let clients know that they have met other people you have known but that they never met in life; they also let me know who they like to spend time with during their day, and how you would recognize when they are around. They sometimes near the end of the conversation slow down and pass on a message or life lesson to you, often having to do with how to avoid some of the mistakes they made.

The disappointing side to this is clients have not understood what the specifics of a mediumship really are, and have either not paid for the session or disputed the payment and taken their money back because they didn't get to talk to the person they wanted to talk to. I can't control who comes through from the other side; no one can.

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