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My Story

In 2000, I wanted to do readings in town. The local law said it was illegal to conduct 'fortune telling' in the city limits. I took it upon myself to have the law changed, and was on national news for it, including radio shows across the country. I still do occassional radio shows locally including The Morning Show and Z-93.

Unfortunately, a drawback for readers is that we cannot read for ourselves. We have to go to someone else too. There isn't a very large network of people in the area that do this, so I have always been left to work things out on my own. When we started getting a few readers in towm I went to each one excited to finally get some of the interaction that other people get when they visit me!

When I was having some problems in my marriage, I went to a reader nearby. As soon as she started talking about my 'dark aura' and all that, I remarked that I was a reader too, and I understood that she was 'one of those'. She looked at me all confused, and I laughed and said, I get it, dark aura, bad things around me, and I buy candles that you burn and pray over so the 'curse' goes away, then I have to come every week or so until I decide to stop coming. The typical scam. At that point she was very flustered and finished a generic reading and it was 'on the house, professional to professional'.

That is what the article above is about; you have to be aware even when you are in an emotional state!