Invite Some Friends Over for Readings!

Let's have a party!

Psychic Parties Are Great Ideas For…..

A reading is a mini version of an intuitive style I do, lasting 5-8 minutes per person (or longer) generally depending on the amount of people attending.

A minimum of 2 hours @ $130/hr. is required for any party! IF the minimum amount of guests are NOT met at the day of your party, the Host/tess will be charged an hourly rate of $130.00 to make up for any/all cancellations.

Long-distance parties are possible (30-60 miles from Oshkosh, WI) for an additional travel fee of $50.00. More than a 60 minute drive (one way) additional travel fees may apply!

Parties scheduled with contract require a prepaid one hour reservation fee. This will be non-refundable if the party is cancelled less than 7 days before the party. It will be applied to the total due payable before the party starts either by credit/debit card or cash.
Additional hours are available at $100 per hour if needed, prepaid at the deciding time.

 Planning Your Party: My schedule books up in advance for weekends, so have a couple of alternate dates in mind.

Things To Know When Planning a Party
If you have a large group (11 or more) then a party with SHORTER readings could work best for you.
For smaller group (8-10 people) then a party with LONGER readings could work best for you.

Each reading gives your guest the opportunity to explore things like relationships, family, jobs, finances, career or life direction.

Additional Things You Need To Know & Items You Will Need To Provide
All you need to provide are a table and a couple of comfortable chairs in a soft lit quiet location, everything else I will bring.

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