Past Life Regressions

Regardless of your religious beliefs, believing in Past Lives can span all religions.

There are many unexplained fears, phobias and anxieties that can be explained away after being regressed to a past life and experiencing a past life that created a block during a death in a past life.

I was made aware of this in a most unusual way. My ex-husband had a fear of ceilings. Not so much in the generic sense, but if he had to climb a ladder he became disoriented and had a panic attack. Once he had to climb a ladder in a stairwell and just about passed out.

We had a favorite restaurant where one of the eating areas had a ceiling that had multiple levels, and he couldn't eat in that area.

One day we were at a medieval event and a woman called us over, and out of the blue mentioned she noticed he had a past life where he had been trapped in a cave in for three days while things fell on him from above. He died in that cave in and was a teenager. We realized that would be a direct link to his phobia, and since then he had much less anxiety over the heights/ceilings.

I began working with people on past life regressions, and it worked amazingly well on these fears and phobias.

If it's your first time it can be a strange sensation, and it's possible you won't remember a great deal from the session. You do actually do the regession because you come out of it when I tell you to, so subconciously you are there; your conscious mind just won't grab it and hang onto the information. Over the following 3-4 days you may have vivid memories and thoughts about the previous life; a dream would be especially vivid and more realistic than a standard dream.

***NOTE***If you have any fears or phobias about tall buildings, elevators, hammocks, fog, or any other things that frighten you or are upsetting to you please let me know so I can be aware of it and alter what I say so there isn't anything fearful in what I say during the session.***

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