Hi guys!! yay! So nice to be back. You like the gnu design?  I think this one will be around for awhile. As you've noticed, I've put that "no right click" script here and there, and have supplied everything all zipped/stuffed for you. I think this may work out ok. There are  some sets that are not done that way, simply because I just couldn't anymore, there were way too many, and I was getting r-e-e-a-lly tired of it all. I do have other things on my list that I need to get done one of  these days also! (FullMoonWebs ring a bell? ;)

ANYway, Jen was home for the first time in a long time. Too  short, but it was great to see her. She showed me some of her work, and that little girl o' mine is quite talented, I must say. I am very proud of her! let's see, what else... OH! little Lucy-dog was 1 year old on  the 1st. Time sure flies, doesn't it? (Phoebe, you are gone but not forgotten sweetie)

I must go to bed folks... long day in the kitty household. You all have a great week, OH! and don't forget to vote!!! really. and I'll c'yall next time, k?  xoxo, ~Kitty


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