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1 hour reading phone $110.00



$110 (for full reading 45-60 min)

These have worked out so well this is the only way I am doing readings now.

Phone and skype readings can be easily recorded by the 'recording' application on my computer.

I am actually able to get more information and faster connections because I am much more relaxed, and able to get into my 'zone'.

I can email your session to you so you can review it at a later date, since so many people are overwhelmed by the information all at once.


We cover the issues you have brought with you; my specialty is being able to see situations and telling you what will happen if you choose one path or another. This can help you make an educated choice knowing what is coming.

Next we go through all your questions, the list you bring and any that come up during the rest of the reading. We go until you are out of questions.

If you would just like to interview me to see if we would be a good fit give me a call and we can talk a bit. Remember I prefer to have the least amount of information possible about you before the reading, so we would have to bear that in mind in the conversation.

Paypal $110 (45+ min.) Phone or Skype Reading

It is much more reliable to reach me via email than on the phone during the day. There tends to be quite a bit going on and with email I have a record of who I talked to and when. If you have questions about what the reading might be like, we can certainly talk about that before the reading, no problem.

Once we have agreed upon an appointment time (I am in CST to help pick a time). Then you can then return to this page to securely and safely pay for your reading with all major credit cards or your bank account using PayPal any time before the appointment. After I have received notice of your payment, your appointment will be formally confirmed and set. I do not accept personal checks.

If you want to use credit cards, check out with paypal, then choose
Below paypal login instead of logging in to paypal.
You will be able to use a credit card.




Refunds are not given for services performed due to the fact that once a reading has been given, my services and time have already been utilized.

If for some reason I am unable to make a connection for you or have a medical issue preventing me from doing the reading, you will be refunded immediately.

Recent Testimonials

Hi Vanessa,

I want to tell you that I can't thank you enough for my session last
night! Waiting to make that phone call I was so nervous, partially
because I was afraid I was wasting my time and money, but mostly
because I was afraid of what you would tell me. It turned out I
had nothing to be scared of, and by the time our conversation ended
I felt so peaceful!

I am in absolute awe at your abilities. There is one thing in
particular from my past that I wondered if you would know about, and
sure enough you brought it up, and in such a respectful way! You
also really opened my eyes to some very tough life choices that I
need to make, and they are things that have been weighing on my
mind, so thank you for forcing them to the surface, I will
definitely be following through on them.

And I still can't stop laughing at the things you told me about my
spirit guide. It just blows my mind at how spot on he is about me LOL!
(And for the record, I hit SNOOZE one less time this morning so I
am making progress, slowly but surely!)

Again, thank you for everything, talking to you was exactly what I
needed and I am so glad I took a leap of faith and set up that
appointment! Your abilities just amaze me!


My reading with Vanessa was so incredibly powerful and it educated me on my circumstances and myself. I was taught in the short amount of time that we talked how to work on my problems and be successful. I see all of my situations in a different light now, which will guide me to make the right choice's.

I understand clearly now what is happening and am looking forward to the upcoming happiness that will be in store for me. Vanessa is a blessing and so real of a person to talk to, and I have talked to many others.

I wish I had found Vanessa early on, but am glad God had brought me to her now.


Vanessa is fantastic. I immediately felt a sense of calmness. I had both a mediumship and reading. I had both my grandmothers come thru along with my dear cousin who I miss greatly also a dear friend who died tragically. The messages I received from them were very much on point to how they would of been on earth. I was very happy and felt at ease after the mediation. Now if I could get one of them to stop turning lights on and off that'll be great!! In the reading everything Vanessa said happened, everything. All my questions well I really didn't feel like I was asking questions rather having a conversation with an old friend I love her wit too! She's the real deal! I've referred her to my friends! .

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