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Hello! If you found this page you probably feel taken advantage of. I'm so sorry, and read on... Learn all you can here, and spread the word; don't keep it to yourself.

We all feel emotionally vulnerable sometimes, and I was scammed myself at one time. True psychics can read everyone except themselves, and we are regular people with everyday crappy lives too... And I fell for it. It's not your fault, don't feel stupid or hide it. Educate someone else before they get ripped off!!

PLEASE don't go looking for someone to bring another person back to you, or to harm someone. Trying to change another person is just not ethical, and you wouldn't want someone to do it to you...

If you want more information feel free to contact me.

If it's new info I will add it to the updates page; if you just need to confirm your story I'm here. Sometimes you just need a sounding board and I can do that for you. Yes I do readings, but I also run a business and design jewelry; this area is just for people who are being taken advantage of, and I'm here for you.

Yes, I do readings, and that is on another page, but on this page I'm just a friendly ear and the voice of experience.

Scam Types
Why Scammers Techniques Don't Work
Costs and Payment
Finding a Good Reader (and what a reading is actually for.)
My Story
Scamming Updates


A legitimate reader will make you feel comfortable, offer you help, charge you one fee for the entire reading, and encourage you to do your own work for your positive changes in your life. Our goal is to help you find the right track and signs to look for in making the way in the world that you want to make.


Use your intuition... You have the power!

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Email :

Vanessa Hand
Oshkosh, WI 54901


I don't mind calls, I prefer emails since I check those more often, I run other businesses. This is just something I do on the side for people on occasion. Just use common sense and call me during normal people hours, thanks!

Consider all psychic readings as entertainment; enjoyable and helpful. They should be interesting and even exciting! They should never cause sadness, worry, or distress. My clients ALWAYS leave laughing and feeling better, even if there have been some tears during our session.

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