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* Free or cheap readings

Be wary of free or cheap psychic services. They are often used to lure people into spending more and more money. A reading should always be a set rate in the beginning, and if you aren't satisfied, you should not pay, as with any service.

* The next step of the scam

If they ever need MORE money to reveal something critical, be done. No reputable psychic 'charges as you go'. If a psychic explains that they need to do some sort of 'work' for you to improve your life or lift a curse, RUN don't walk from this individual. Trust your instincts and don't give them a dime.

Listen to your own intuition. If it seems even the slightest bit odd or you get any feeling that you are being manipulated... GET OUT. Nothing can replace your own sense of good judgment. Listen to your inner voice and pay attention and you won't be a victim. Remember to always maintain a bit of skepticism in any situation. It will help keep you and your money safe, and it will help distinguish the good psychics from the bad. Read these scenarios to get a clear idea of what common psychic scams can sound like.

Type 1 - The reader tells you that you have a curse/ negative energy/ a black aura and offers to remove the problem (for an extra fee and extra visits of course, sometimes as high as $2500, or several payments of $70 to $500 each!) Reuniting love relationships is also a favorite for these con artists. They often use their practiced and superior knowledge of human nature to prey on your weakest areas. A sincere reader will explain to you how you can go about reversing a problem or negativity. Self-empowerment is the whole point of a reading.

1) There is no such thing as black auras, negative energy or curses. People carry energy, period. Again, NO SUCH THING AS CURSES OR BLACK MAGIC. It is the same thing as VOODOO. It only works if you believe in it. No one can do it to you; if you believe you are cursed, you are (not really, but you think you are). You bring bad things on yourself, and the fear creates stress and anything bad that happens you will attribute to this curse, black magic, etc. It's all in your head, and their rent depends on you believing it!!!

2) The inference of 'negative energy' is not possible; you can have blocked energy, and if that is something you have a question about you should see someone who is a trained healer in chakra work, not a psychic. Going to a psychic to get energy and chakra work done is like going to a foot doctor for a sore throat! A trained lightworker/healer will work with your chakras and unblock them, and you will feel lighter and happier after they work on you. They may use stones and crystals along with their therapy. Again, not a psychic.
Another thing about energy... There really is no such thing as BAD energy; you can have blocked energy; tell me... Does your lamp have good or bad energy going into it? It's just energy. Whether the lamp works or not is a matter of the lamp's wiring, not the energy. So you wouldn't have a doctor fix your lamp... See what I mean?

Type 2 - The reader tells you that an object you own (usually something expensive) is cursed or has negative energy that is preventing you from being happy, finding love, getting pregnant (hey, unnatural birth control!) having riches, etc. etc. They may offer to cleanse/ burn/ bury the object with an elaborate ritual. Of course they will have to do that later and without you, and will have to take it away (to the local pawn shop of cleansing!).

Type 3 - The reader implies/insists that you should not talk about the reading with your friends, as it will be 'bad luck' or it will 'jinx' you. This is usually for one of two reasons: either you will find out that you received the same reading as your friends, or the 'psychic' fears that your friends will tell you that the reading was a scam. There are a few exceptions to this, such as when the reading was about your friends.

Type 4 - This one is tricky, as it can reveal either a very rare psychic talent, or a very practiced crook. The reader practices 'name dropping' by saying that they see someone with the letter T, M, J, etc. and as you say 'Mike' so does the psychic. This makes it seem that they realized it just as you said it. However, these are among the most commonly used initials in the United States, and pulling a name out of thin air is a very rare psychic talent, so be alert if it happens, and check your feelings to see if you have been truly comfortable with the reader. Do you want to pay for the talents of your reader as a psychic, or as a predator?

Type 5 - You leave the reading feeling as if the reader has some power or control over you, or may even 'curse' you if you don't do as they have instructed or if you don't return within the time the reader specified. Did they do anything to make you feel this way? Reassess your feelings about the reader again.