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Stone Readings, Healing and Crystals

When I was 5 I owned a real little red wagon. I took it all over the neighborhood of Onalaska where I lived and used to collect stones that would 'speak' to me. They sometimes wanted to stay with me, other times told me where they wanted to go.

We would go all over the place and I would take the stones where they wanted to go, and tell the people at the houses that a certain stone wanted to be with them. They usually gave me a quarter or something because they thought it was cute; I was just doing what the stone wanted.

Who knew that 45 years later I would still be doing this! My youngest daughter also has the ability we call 'Stonetalking'; everything has energy and has the ability to relay energy, which is psychometry. Makes garage sales very intriquing. Items in the natural world such as stones create their own energy and have their own personalities.

Generically, while an amethyst will help with headaches, or a clear quartz will amplify positive energy, each stone also carries it's own unique signature.

This applies the same as Astrology... All Gemini's are supposed to be creative and good communicators, but we all have unique personalities, which is why I never got into astrology.

The stone will have unique personalities and desires even wanting to specifically be around certain types of people; they may be lost to you if you don't fit their desires if they are strong stones.

Also, they are there to heal and help. When they are done with you in your situation, they are ready to be passed on; you have to be ready to allow them to go when they are done helping you. Kind of like beer; you can't own it, you can only rent it... LOL!!!

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