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Scam Updates

4-22-13 - Apparently things are tough all over, even for scam artists and criminals. They have been having clients bring them items such as cleaning supplies now; often in multiples of a certain number (9 is considered a magic number, especially if it's something expensive you can sell the rest of!)

NEW TECHNOLOGY: The criminals are able to get other people's phone numbers and call or text you via that number. They will tell you that you will receive a call from the person you are hoping to hear from, and not to answer; this is just to show that their work is taking effect; but via some programs on the internet they can call you and make it look like someone else is calling. Sneaky, huh?

An oldie but still making the rounds; having people bring money in a hankerchief to them so they can burn or bury it for them. I bet they burn through it fast! A variation on this is to have you place several things in a box (again, using a multiple number) and then tie money on ribbons and place this in a box. You'll have to place this in a spot in your house for a bit, but eventually they will want you to 'get rid' of the bad energy that this has soaked up, and they will be happy to dispose of it for you.

In some cases they will tell you a day to bring it to them, and before you can have second thoughts your car will be broken into and it will be stolen. See! it was so evil someone bad was attracted to it! Hmmm... HEALING AND CLEARING CHAKRAS: Normally this is something you have someone do who is trained in that ability, I covered that before. The bath is the newest one that seems to be popular; you buy a mix from them, and you might have to add something like salt or herbs, etc. The dangerous part is that you don't know what is in the mixture they sold you. Often times it will contain LYE... Used in making soap and cleaning drains, this powder is an acid and will burn you. In small amounts it will irritate your skin enough that you might complain to the person you bought it from, who will be thrilled since it's a sign it's 'working'... Killing off that bad energy or black aura or whatever crap they made up... Yikes! If you had a bad allergic reaction it could be life threatening, and you may never even think to tell the doctor about the bath additive as something you came into contact with!

12-6-12 - This update covers a new form of the scam payment that has been coming up more and more; first they asked for cash or money orders so credit cards and things couldn't be cancelled or be reversed. Then the legal system has caught on and the legality of actual 'cash' money is questionable. This makes it even easier to spot a scam artist!

They have been starting to have people bring them 'gifts'. Many are gift cards to expensive stores, expensive items, and the funniest one to me that I hear often, very expensive scotch. These are legally considered 'gifts', so can't be questioned legally since you gave them willingly even though they asked for them as payment. It's a way they get around the money loophole. They must be selling them to third parties for the cash. Some are doing the same for their candles, spells, herbs and other woo-woo stuff, but can legally still take cashe for those since you are getting an item in return, but if you are giving a gift they don't have to have any sales license to be regulated.